About this Course

CLTR2715. New Media Narratives in Latin America: Local and Global Dimensions.
Fall 2018 – Monday/Wednesday Thursday 10:30am-11:35am – Hastings Suite 110
Prof. Élika Ortega.
220F Renaissance Park.
Office Hours Monday 2:00-3:00pm, Wednesday 12:00-1:00pm, or by appointment.

This course focuses on Latin America as a region of rich technological creativity in the digital media landscape of the 21st Century. Often thought in terms of millenary cultures, traditions, and customs, Latin America is a site where digital (new) media are subject to creative appropriations that incorporate alternative economies and knowledge models, and enact social movements and artistic creations. In class activities examine new media traverse the local dimensions of the current global techno-cultural landscape and invite a reflection on the multiplex relationships fostered by digital media around the world. Students analyze cultural artifacts and phenomena in Latin America in a comparative global setting and engage in innovative expression by creating reflexive multimedia artifacts of their own replicating the creative and adaptive uses studied in the class.

Students will be able to examine, analyze, and discuss a number of digital artistic (verbal, visual, and kinetic) works to gain a renewed understanding and the necessary vocabulary to describe practices that have emerged since the advent of the world wide web and its popularization around the world, more specifically in Latin America. Ultimately, students will acquire skills to create digital objects beyond everyday uses.

Full syllabus available here.